you are at home,

On your bed.

There is nowhere on Earth

you want to be

Less than your bed.

There is a cup on the nightstand

It is filled with gasoline.

You poured the cup

For some reason- you

Had been feeling ill?

It doesn’t matter.

There is a cup of gasoline

On your nightstand.

If you do not drink the gasoline

You will spill the gasoline onto your bed,

Because you are clumsy and wrong.

You will drink the gasoline eventually,

Since you would rather drink the gasoline

Than spill it and ruin your sheets.

It tastes bad in a way you deserve.

You pray you did not leave any matches on your bed.

The gasoline settles in you, and you feel it seep into your body.

You left matches in your bed.

You could swallow the match now,

Firebreather- it would hurt you

But the gasoline is already in your system

And you would rather burn it now and get it

Over with than let the gasoline rot there

But you will not swallow the match,

You would not do that to the gasoline,

It is not the gasoline’s fault you drank it,

So the gasoline sits inside of you

And you breathe fire anyway.

Well, firebreather, you burnt your bed.

Your sheets are ruined.

You are burning on the inside, and

You wonder if you couldve prevented the damage.

You could have.